Our Space

The Granary Kitchen + Bar has an iconic look and feel, and  is one-of-a-kind in Kuching. A beautiful building, that once served as a grain warehouse in the early 1900’s, The Granary was tastefully renovated, maintaining much of the original brickwork and finished with recycled doors and windows. A large and unique space, The Granary is the perfect venue for weddings, photo shoots and special occasions.

The all-new Granary | Event Venue
As you probably know, we’ve been around since 2015, starting out bright-eyed and bushy-tail in the f&b business. Over the years, we have also ventured into many different aspects of events and f&b; from converting the restaurant to an art market and holding niche workshops to hosting performance events and most recepntly as a premium venue for weddings, birthdays and private corporate functions.

This new rebranded identity maintains our original brand and reputation, while simultaneously moving it forward to acknowledge the all-new Granary Event Venue! For more information ; contact 011 25089321 or email info@thegranary.my