What do people expect when they head to a restaurant for lunch or dinner? We like to think that on top of enjoying a meal out of the house, experiencing excellent customer service; it is also to enjoy the ambiance and space. Here at The Granary, we really love our space and we know you do too!

As we slowly get into the new groove of 2020 (what a ride the past 6 months have been!); we venture into yet another new territory; removing pork items from our menu! We’ve had many requests over the years; but the most common request is to cater to our Muslim friends. So with that said; we will be adapting the menu over the next few months as we need to get into mode of the ‘new norm’. From being pork-free to fusion dishes and micro-mony’s and mini-receptions type of events; get ready for some major changes at The Granary!

A restaurant is not only a place to allay one’s hunger. It is a personal experience based upon interest, taste-buds, the atmosphere, and time over a meal with family and friends.

To book a table, call 011 25089321 or email info@thegranary.my #thegranarykch