Feel like making your own cocktails at home? Or just need a drink to get over the CMCO slump? We’ve got you covered¬†.

  1. Chill your glasses. Approximately 20 minutes prior to serving chill your glasses in the freezer. This is optional, but if you can remember this step it really does help keep your drink cooler, longer.
  2. Add ice. Once ready to prepare, add ice cubes to the chilled glasses. Larger ice cubes work best as they provide less surface area for the ice to melt.
  3. Add the gin plus the first lime. Pour the gin over the ice and squeeze in one lime.
  4. Add the tonic water and second lime. Fill each glass with tonic water and garnish with an additional lime wedge.


Our Hendricks Gin Pack is made up of 1 x bottle of Hendricks Gin (1L), 4 x Shweppes Tonic Water and 2 juicy lemons . Available for takeaway or delivery at RM480. Order online now! Call us 011 25089321 or email info@thegranary.my
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