They are BACK!! Its been almost 2 months and we miss everyone! The Monthly Quiz Night (hosted by the incomparable Justin) is back, but with a twist!

More information here

Have you missed the monthly Quiz Nights? So have we! Therefore, here we are with an MCO Quiz Night!
How to participate?
1. Form a team of 2-6 pax, and arrange to “meet” with your team via WhatsApp, Zoom, etc, it’s up to you!
2. Fill in the form to register your information.
3. During the event, get onto the FB live feed on this page. We will be revealing the questions there.
4. We will text you the link to the answer sheet. Discuss with your team and submit your answers after every round.
5. As always, resist the urge to Google the answers!
6. Prizes are sponsored by the amazing Granary Bar and Kitchen! << THATS US! 🙂
1st place will receive 4x rm25 vouchers,2nd place will receive 2x rm25 vouchers, 3rd place to receive 1x rm25 voucher