Duties include baking and mixing ingredients to be used in pastries, pies, cakes, and cookies. They make sure oven temperatures are set correctly for baking and monitor the color of the baked item to judge if any adjustments may be necessary in temperature, humidity or conveyor equipment speeds.

You need to innovative, creative, detailed oriented, have an artistic eye, and have the ability to lead. They decorate certain pastries with glazing, icing or other ingredients to make them appealing to the customer. They monitor the measurements, shape and cooking time of baked goods to ensure success of the product and ensure that they are appealing to the eye. However, the main difference between a pastry chef and baker are what they are responsible for. The word “chef” is the main difference, it includes management, administrative duties, and leading a team in preparing pastries as well. Therefore they have a Pastry chef has a greater responsibility in the management and interactions of staff, most of the time with a team of bakers.

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