We recently wished Goodbye and Farewell to our Executive Head Chef Lutonia. She has been a cornerstone of the Granary family, and when she first started with us in 2015; the building was practically a shell. Thank you again for the non-stop 3 years of managing the team, dealing with endless suppliers, some cooking, expediting, more cooking, long days and longer nights, hours and hours of poking fun at your #workhusband and gallons of peanut butter milkshakes.

We miss your purple presence already and travel safe! All the best in your future undertakings!

Lutonia Farewell | October 2018 | The Granary Kitchen + Bar

4 min 18 sec video

Her name is Chef Lutonia,
And she is from South Africa.

Always wearing tights, and her chef whites,
Her hair has blue and purple highlights!

She loves PURPLE and loves sweet stuff,
Getting her in a photo is really really tough.

Peanut butter and chocolate makes her crazy,
Fireworks and helium get her high and happy.

She loves to win, she loves to compete,
Except I think, Croatia, France did beat!

She has a work husband, she loves him of course,
But she really can’t wait for that time to divorce.

Who else will she hassle, hide stuff and confuse,
Your husband will miss you, especially the abuse!

She has done so much, so much in 3 years,
She worked so hard and deserves a big cheers!

She was there from the beginning, she was there through it all,
For what’s next in her future, we know she will give her all!

Thank you Lutonia, Chef, Lulu, or Chef Lu,
There is no doubt, we are going to miss you!

Poem + Video by Emily Sit

Photos by SOOLSnaps