According to the Urban Dictionary; “Contraction of breakfast and lunch, usually occurring around the hour of 11 a.m. Typically reserved for snobs and biddies who like tea and jam.”

Here at The Granary; we are most definitely not snobs (can’t say much about the old biddies HAHA!) and we LOVE brunch. The fact that we get to have alcohol before 12noon and some delish bacon; what else do you need on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Plus to feed that hungover beast, our recommendation has to be our famed Eggs Benedict Bacon aka the best in town!

Served on homemade English muffins, 2 perfectly poached eggs, crispy bacon and a smothering of homemade hollandaise drizzled all over! YUMMMMMMMMMMMM 🙂

And Shawn from Toronto Life said it best; “Food has become a conspicuously rebellious act. We’ve seen a rise of extreme eating that is closely associated with brunch in the form of obsessively meaty charcuterie restaurants, restaurants that flout safety regulations by serving raw pork and, of course, all of that bacon. Bacon is a celebrated, almost cigarette-like food that is sexy and deadly but now part of the ritual intake of grease on a Sunday morning to ease a hangover, just like having a smoke and a coffee once were. The unhealthiness of the food is a value-added factor in the experience, another bit of real. The unhealthier the food, the greater the opportunity to boast of said activity on social media. “

See you at The Granary (23 Wayang Street) for the best Brunch in town! Bookings essential – 011 25089321