We are collaborating with iCube to host the much lauded Type.A breakfast! Keen to learn what this is all about? For more information; click here


Do A Whole Day’s Work in 2 Hours.
What is Type-A Breakfast?
Meet on Monday morning with like-minded, busy and ambitious people.
Fight distractions. Use peer pressure. Get stuff done.
Complete your Monday’s work by 9:30 am – when the rest of the world is just starting out.

How it works?
– Meet at 7:30am with a list of tasks that would take you 8 hours to complete.
– Sit with people on the same mission.
– Complete everything in 2 hours.

Why it works?
✓No Distractions
✓No one’s talking. No one’s on Facebook. No one’s reading blog posts on productivity.
✓You’re surrounded by Type-A’s
✓There’s a vibe and energy you don’t get, when you’re working on your own.
✓It’s Peer Pressure at its Best.
✓It’s like group study in a library; or working out at the gym.


To give you a sense of how to plan your tasks and time, you might want to download and refer to the Type-A Breakfast Format and Template: http://bit.ly/2dh5rsK

Website: http://typeabreakfast.com/