One of the best parts of being an actual grain storehouse is that we have space and with that; we are very proud to be host to some of the exciting events happening this October 2017. Not only are we lending our support to About Kuching‘s month long What About Kuching Festival #WAK, we want to invite you to join in the fun! Rediscover Kuching by celebrating the arts, culture and lifestyle of Kuching in all it’s diversity 

Check out About Kuching for more information on what will be happening at the festival for the entire month! #whataboutkuching #thegranarykch #kuching #festival #october2017

The Story

Kuching. A vibrant city in the heart of Borneo that’s renowned for its culture, crafts and cuisine. This is where old world splendour meets new world charm. Where locals are proud to call home, and visitors who yearn for more cannot wait to return. Again, and again.

To celebrate this city’s abundant yet distinct charm, the local community has come together to present What About Kuching 2017, a tribute to the spirit of Kuching. This first-ever month-long festival is where the arts, culture and lifestyle of Kuching take centre stage. After all, what better way to appreciate a city than through the eyes of a local?

The Purpose

About Kuching’s mission is to celebrate the arts, culture and lifestyle to a global audience thereby creating greater appreciation and support of these amongst the local community.
(details above taken from About Kuching website)