We recap the 3rd 4th art workshop of 5 leading up to the Junior Art Market happening at The Granary πŸ™‚ During the workshops, children will have the opportunity to create art on various medias such as paper, cardboard and canvas. For Artsy Fartsy it will be all about texture, patterns, colors and all that abstract fun and for Rock N Roll, children will be making merchandise out of rocks!


And as you can tell, they had a super fun time πŸ™‚ All products made will be packaged and priced by the participants themselves and will be sold at the Junior Art Market in September. All earnings will be theirs to keep.

Imagine mini booths, cute little vendors and cute little artworks for sale! Start them young!! 😍😍😍

Sign Up with Rachel at 0166131300.

(pictures fromΒ Flint & Steel)