We are very proud to be part of the Small Town Art Market family and to experience all the amazing ripples that happen within the art & entrepreneur community in Kuching. This September, we are proud to welcome our little friends to experience their very first Junior Art Market. Details below!

The Small Town Art Market serves as a platform for local entrepreneurs to be empowered, to grow their network and showcase their talents and products. Founded in September 2016, the Small Town Art Market has gathered over 20 local talents from near and far. This extremely talented community is made up of abstract artists, designers – haberdasheries, leather, jewellery, fashion, home ware, book binders etc.

Theres so much to learn and see through entrepreneurship. It hones determination, confidence, and focuses on character building. It also shapes an individual’s mind to be creative, alert and forward thinking. The learning curve in entrepreneurship is steep and enriching.

The Small Town Art Market is proud to bring to you ‘Little Entrepreneurs’ Workshop and Junior Art Market! This program is best suited for kids aged 6-9 who are dynamic, creative and forward thinking.

There will be 6 Art Workshop especially designed for the young minds, tailored by artists of AVL Art and Flint and Steel Borneo. All workshops are designed to help kids learn new art skills and cultivate an interest in creating products in an artistic and fun way.

The highlight of this program is that our young workshop participants will have a ‘real world experience’ by selling their handmade art products at the Junior Art Market! This provides a platform for kids to hone creative thinking, social skills, as well as gain confidence and experience in handling money matters.

Details of Workshops and Junior Art Market are in the poster above. For further enquiries, please contact Rachel at +6016 6131300.

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