On the 23rd of May, we made Chicken Spaghetti with Sauteed Vegetables and a Pumpkin Cake Slice for 100 school kids! Together with Bon Appetit (they are a mobile food truck who provide meals on wheels to underprivileged school children in the Kuching area.), we fed over 100 kids and some nearby low cost housing families.

The idea behind Bon Appetit was founded by Jacqueline; who shared with us her idea and passion behind feeding the kids. Being a Kuching business owner; we were more than happy to be part of the movement. Bon Appetiti has started small with food donations from the public (via social media) but now with more restaurants and local businesses taking part; we are excited to see more and more kids being fed by Bon Appetit!

For more information; contact wwwfacebook.com/bonappetitkuching

Lets do it together 🙂