Couple weeks ago, we got to know Joanne; the co-owner at The Granary. This week; we are introduced to the ‘ang moh’ owner! 🙂


Tell us a little about yourself

Don’t judge a book by its cover, I may be small but I pack a punch, and boy do I have a mouth. I may look like a local, but I’m a Kiwi through and through. Say hello to me, and you’ll catch the twang, yell bro or sole, and you’ll be my long lost friend….

I am known for my RBF, love a simple pizza, and an ice cold beer. Can’t stand 2-faced people, wished people were more real and adventurous. Future generations are going to kill the earth with their spoilt, lazy and handout mindset… I’m also known in other circle’s as the angry midget… or 13… so use your imagination. Said all of that, I’m also incredibly hopeful for the future, and passionate about helping all of us, be better people…. Hopeful… yeah….

What is your role on the team
Titles, roles,meh. As owner operators you have to be able to do everything, and anything. Essentially my role is to “plug-holes” and “fill-gaps”… no, not like what he said… Chef, cleaner, dishwasher, barista, cashier, decorator, photographer, accounts, planning, design, website etc etc.. you name it… its been done… stopping short only at making drinks…because I’d drink it all…
How would you describe this team in one word
Tell us something we don’t know about you
I ❤ Westlife