At The Granary; our core business is the restaurant and bar, however there are so many other things that are happening at the same time, everyday! Meet the team that makes it all happen 🙂

  • Tell us a little about yourself – Born and bred in Kuching; I am the local in this company. I lived overseas for a while in New Zealand and Hong Kong. When it came time to decide whats the next step in life for me; we were introduced to this space. It’s been a long time dream to own and operate a f&b outlet and here we are. Having worked in hospo while in my 20’s and then moving to marketing and sales; this was a huge opportunity to combine both! 

  • What is your role on the team? On top of being one half of the owner-operator, I also handle most of the events & digital marketing platforms and all the ‘local’ stuff; so imagine a combination of Facebook updates & renewing city council permits or working on our website & planning weddings or some nights its being an interim bartender & also organizing craft workshops.. basically all the funnnnnnnn stuff!


  • What is your favorite part of the job? Knowing that its something different to experience everyday and getting a varied combination of hospo, events and everything else in between. I did not really expect to take on so much outside of the traditional f&b; but I think it was meant to be!


  • How would you describe this team in one word? Mad Multitaskers (because i’m realllllly bad at it!)


  • Tell us something we don’t know about you. I speed read; but its not that great a skill because I find that i actually skip and skim a lot of documents..