Before i knew it, it was almost the end of the year and we were in the midst of our beverage menu review for 2017. After spending quite a few days procrastinating on Pinterest (as you do), I finally buckled down and came up with a few cocktail concoctions to try.  The inspiration and idea definitely came from the White Rajahs in our history books and the colonization aspect of what I remembered from school. plus after looking up more facts on trusty Google; it became clear that the name fitted to a tee.

Basically we needed a few more signature cocktails; as it has been slowly growing and becoming the norm in Kuching and I felt The Granary could do with just something a little different. So with a whole lot of testing and tasting (the best part if you asked me); Queen of Headhunters came about.

Photograph Credit: Teaspoon

The cocktail features Southern Comfort, a liqueur I felt was very hard to work with, but these flavors seem to just meld together. To complete the cocktail, the fruity liqueur is mixed very simply with cranberry juice and a dash of lime syrup.

Available only at The Granary; and our #thirstythursdays promo offer a FREE cheese pizza with every 2 cocktails! See you at 23 Wayang Street, Kuching! 011 25089321 for more information.

Sylvia around 1920.
CreditPhotograph by Paul Tanqueray from Bodleian Library

 Happy Drinking! – Jo