At the end of 2016, we were very fortunate to have been introduced to Jeff, the founder of WormingUp, a social enterprise set up in Kuching, that has aims to reduce food waste! Our Kitchen + Bar at The Granary was always looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment, ensuring that we recycle as much as we can, and waste as little as we can. Enter Jeff and the team at WormingUp, recommended to help us with our recycling woes in Kuching and who are now collecting our used oils and food waste every day! Yes, our food waste is collected daily by WormingUp, taken to their worm farm and are consumed by our worm friends!

WormingUp has created programs and campaigns to raise awareness of food waste in Malaysia, educating the public on what can be done to reduct its impact on the environment.

Food Waste Management Awareness Campaigns are organised and held in shopping malls through out Kuching, namely: City One, Green Heights Mall, Borneo Convention Centre, Riverside Shopping Complex, Eastern Mall, Summer Shopping Mall, Sarawak Plaza and Kuching Central.

Food Waste Awareness Talks involve the WormingUp team visiting schools, companies and events to raise awareness about food waste management, including: Popular, Youth Speak Forum, Riverside Talk, X-FAB and Sup4Good.

Educational Workshops are focussed on educating the younger generation on the importance of waste segregation, instilling good habits to benefit the future generations. These workshops are hands on, and have been held at SMK Gapor Stampin, SMK Kuching High and Popular MegaBookfair, encouraging students to make their own soap using upcycled used oil.

During events, WormingUp also collaborates with companies reduce wastage during their events, such as: UNIMAS Convocation Festival (Confest) 2016, with 576kg of food waste collected, Rainforest Music Festival, with 386kg of food waste collected, TedxYouth@Kenyalang, with 18kg of food waste collected.

Projects have been started, such as WeekendFarmer, where volunteers experience farm work, and their products are sent to the Kuching urban poor, and babycorn planting project where the babycorn planted was donated to Society for Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP).

So far, due to the initiatives driven by WormingUp, they have:

  • Upcycled up to 60,000kg of organic waste
  • 126.5 litres of used oil which was converted in to eco-friendly soap
  • Reached 3457 individuals
  • Received help from 75 volunteers
  • Provided 200 meals to Kuching urban poor

It is refreshing to see the younger generation so passionate and dedicated to making our world and her environment a better place for our future generations. It is so important that we encourage and continue our support so they can make it happen!

Bigger things are happening in 2017! They are looking to hold many more Weekend Workshops, together with schools and supporting businesses. The Granary Kitchen + Bar are proud to be part of their initiative, and will be the hosting venue for Food&Co x WormingUp’s collaboration bring to you the first Soap Making Workshop, held at The Granary Kitchen + Bar in February 2017! For more information about the workshop; please call 011 25089321 or email foodnco.kch@gmail.com.

For more information about WormingUp:




+6014 683 1876

See below the 2016 Annual Report for WormingUp, where most of this info is taken from (shamelessly!)